What is Hashverse?

The Hashverse is a first-of-its-kind, story-driven, gamified trading platform and DAO experience.
The Hashverse represents the collective of token holders that will decide the future of the Hashflow protocol, but with a twist. The goal of the Hashverse is to make trading and governance fun, empowering, and inclusive across web3 communities, with open participation and the opportunity to earn real rewards. The Hashverse creates a unique platform where anyone can rise through the ranks to govern the protocol and where players can unlock and complete challenges, utilizing NFT-based in-game artifacts, all while helping to forge the future of the protocol.
At the heart of the Hashverse is its storyverse, conceived in collaboration with Superconductor, founded by the creative minds behind top Hollywood global franchises including Marvel’s Avengers and Captain America, and Universal's Fast & Furious. The Hashverse is set in a dystopian world blending ancient culture with advanced technology amidst the backdrop of a centuries-long conflict that is primed to reach its conclusion.
Players can take part in shaping the future of the Hashflow protocol by joining an alpha Allegiance (team) in the storyverse, minting their characters tied to top-tier web3 communities, competing in single-player quests and team-based Battle Royales, and ultimately earning rewards. Season 1 of the Hashverse will feature a combined prize pool of 1 Million HFT (Hashflow's governance token) for winning alpha Allegiances and individual players.
Battle Royales, team-based trading competitions that are a key component of Hashverse, aim to unite the strongest communities across web3 globally to come together and battle one another for status, victory, and rewards. Hashverse alpha Allegiances currently compose of leading NFT, trading, gaming, and research communities across Ethereum and Arbitrum including Battlefly, Blocmates, Blueberry Club, Deadfellaz, DeGods, Diamond Pepes, Fungi Alpha, Kanpai Pandas, Kudasai, Layer3, Lost Donkeys, The Plague, Primapes, Pudgy Penguins, Ready Player DAO, Realm, Sappy Seals, and more. New alpha Allegiances will continue to be added to the Hashverse.
The Hashverse Season 1 ran for twelve consecutive weeks where players competed in Battle Royales every two weeks to earn a portion of the prize pool.