Protocol Fees & RevShare

A nominal fee is included on each trade on Hashflow. Hashflow's current fees model include two types of fees based on the type of asset pair traded:

  • Dynamic fees on blue-chip trading pairs (USDC-WETH, etc.)

  • Static fees on non blue-chip trading pairs (USDC-USDT, USDC-ARB, etc.)

Hashflow's dynamic fees model enables fees to adapt to live market data in real-time, adjusting roughly every five seconds - allowing for fees to be optimized to ensure quotes remain competitive without impacting trading volume.

These trading fees are baked into your price quotes, and they are paid automatically when your trades are executed.

RevShare for HFT Stakers

Hashflow's trading fees are a benefit to both the protocol and HFT stakers. The DAO’s approval of the protocol fees proposal has enabled another way for Hashflow to reward HFT stakers and generate revenue to offset the ongoing costs associated with operating the protocol.

Protocol revenue from these fees are distributed monthly to stakeholders as follows:

Fee (%)



Rewards for HFT stakers


Community treasury for future HFT buybacks


Foundation operating expenses

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