Protocol Fees & RevShare FAQ

When will RevShare be distributed to HFT stakers?

RevShare from the protocol fees will be distributed monthly to HFT stakers.

Which trading pairs have dynamic and static fees?

Hashflow trades have two types of fees:

  1. Dynamic fees on blue-chip trading pairs (USDC-WETH, etc.)

  2. Static fees on non blue-chip trading pairs (USDC-USDT, USDC-ARB, etc.)

In what asset will fees be distributed to HFT stakers?

Fees will be distributed to HFT stakers in USDC.

What research/testing has informed the parameters for Hashflow's fees?

As Hashflow uses an RFQ model wherein market makers quote prices to users off-chain, the spreads that market makers charge can vary. Hashflow fees are dynamic and will also vary based on the asset pair being traded and will ensure that the quote that a user receives will be competitive, inclusive of fees, as per the DAO proposal.

How do I claim RevShare rewards?

To claim your rewards, visit the Hashflow trading app and follow the steps below:

1️. On your desktop, click the Hashflow icon on the top right of the dashboard

2️. If you’re eligible, you will see an HFT balance along with the Claim button enabled

3️. Click the Claim button and follow the rest of the flow from your wallet

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