DEX Aggregator FAQ

What chains can I trade on via Hashflow?

Hashflow is available across Ethereum, Arbitrum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Optimism, Polygon, and Solana.

I don’t see the token pair I’m looking. Will you support it?

A token pair will be available on Hashflow’s trading app once a liquidity source for your token pair is detected by our DEX Aggregator. In other words, once a DEX lists the pair, you can trade it on Hashflow.

How do I earn trading rewards?

You can earn trading rewards for each trade you make, and those rewards will depend on your asset pair. For each stable coin trades, you will earn 0.0001 HFT per USD traded. For each non-stable coin trade, you will earn 0.0005 HFT per USD traded. To learn more, see this article:

pageTrading Rewards

How do trading fees work?

A nominal fee is included on each trade on Hashflow across all liquidity sources. Hashflow trades will have two types of fees based on the type of asset pair traded:

1. Dynamic fees on blue-chip trading pairs (USDC-WETH, etc.)

2. Static fees on non blue-chip trading pairs (USDC-USDT, USDC-ARB, etc.)

HFT Stakers will be eligible to receive a 50% share of the revenue from trading fees. To learn more, see this article:

pageProtocol Fees & RevShare

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