Community Treasury

1.00% of the initial HFT supply will be distributed to a community treasury to be allocated on an ongoing basis through contributor grants, community initiatives, and other programs.

The launch of HFT will be followed by the establishment of a governing body which will represent the collective group of HFT holders and governors that will make decisions around the Hashflow protocol.

For example, one major decision point could be around turning on network fees. Currently, Hashflow collects zero fees from traders, but governance could potentially decide to introduce revenues for the protocol, which it could add to the treasury and spend at its collective discretion.

Proposal Process

An HFT holder with a sufficient balance will be able to submit a proposal through the governance forum, which is required to spend HFT contained within the treasury. Proposals may include but are not limited to:

  • Community growth programs

  • Technical improvements to the Hashflow protocol

  • Educational initiatives

  • Other initiatives to grow the Hashflow ecosystem

A valid proposal must be structured as a Hashflow Improvement Proposal (HIP), and have a champion to usher it from a proposal to acceptance, at which point the proposal can be enacted.

Many of the specifics around the proposal process are to be determined, and the first proposal is likely to focus on meta-governance, which will outline the rules of governance and the thresholds required to propose and pass HIPs.

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