Prioritization Roadmap

In 2023, Hashflow launched version 2.0, introduced the Hashverse (the first-of-its-kind gamified trading and DAO platform), and released numerous new features and functionality. We’re more eager than ever to accomplish our mission: to build the best decentralized trading experience.

Here is our prioritization roadmap (updated Dec 2023):

Core Product

Hashflow 2.0

Hashflow 2.0 is the next step in the evolution of our product, building on top of the RFQ platform which was the foundation of Hashflow 1.0. The new Hashflow 2.0 incorporates an intent-based Smart Order Routing (SOR) architecture offering superior prices, native cross-chain swaps on Solana, and a reimagined UX.

Solana Integration

Addition of the first non-EVM chain to the Hashflow protocol. The future is multi-chain, and so is Hashflow.


Launch of Hashflow’s gamified, storyverse-driven DAO, the Hashverse. Stake tokens, complete quests, and earn HFT & one-of-a-kind NFTs.

Fiat On-Ramp

Seamlessly exchange fiat for crypto within the Hashflow protocol via MoonPay.

Protocol Fees

Implement the first revenue stream for the protocol and revenue-sharing with the community.

Protocol Upgrades

Optimized, open source smart contracts to support integrations and product initiatives.

Ongoing Infrastructure Improvements

In addition to the priorities outlined above, we will remain focused on continuous improvement in liquidity and user experience. Ongoing activities on these fronts will include:

Liquidity Optimization

Work with new and existing market makers to ensure liquidity and availability across asset pairs and price levels to support user demand.

Market Maker Integrations

More market makers and liquidity for the Hashflow ecosystem.

Aggregator Integrations

More aggregators, more routes, and more quotes coming to the Hashflow ecosystem.

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