Hashverse Early Access

What is Hashverse Early Access?

Early Access provides an exclusive opportunity for token holders to stake their HFT, earn rewards, and participate in Hashflow governance prior to the full Hashverse launch.
Hashflow governance will follow a vote-escrowed veToken model where voting rights are determined based on the amount of HFT staked as well as the duration for which HFT is locked. Staking tokens will grant users the right to vote and manage the future of the protocol via their veHFT balance. The more veHFT a user has, the more they will be able to influence the direction of the protocol via governance.
Hashverse Early Access marks the beginning of Hashflow governance’s transition to a veToken model in which only staked HFT (veHFT) can be used for DAO participation and voting.
To stake HFT and earn rewards, get started here.


veHFT and Power Level
In the Hashverse (and Early Access), a user’s veHFT balance is represented by that user’s Power Level. Power Levels will increase as more tokens are staked, the duration of lock is lengthened, or both. Similarly, Power Levels will otherwise decay linearly until the token lock period expires and the originally staked tokens can be reclaimed.
veHFT and Power Level are calculated as follows:
Number of Hashflow ve tokens
# of HFT Staked
Staking Duration Multiplier
Days Remaining in Stake
Max Staking Duration in Days
Power Level
veHFT=nsdmveHFT = n * sdm
Where the Staking Duration Multiplier is equal to:
sdm=dr/dmaxsdm = d_{r} / d_{max}
The Power Level is equal to the number of veHFT calculated:
p=veHFTp = veHFT
For example, 1 HFT staked for 48 months (1440 days) will grant 1 veHFT, which is equal to a Power Level of 1.
Here's the breakdown of the Staking Duration Multipliers for each lock period:
Staking Duration
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
24 Months
48 Months
1 HFT = veHFT / Power
As mentioned, a user’s power level will decay daily over time so long as tokens are not restaked.


Assume a user stakes 1000 HFT for 6 months (180 days) on Day 1. Their Power Level on Day 1 is calculated as follows:
p=nsdmp = n * sdm
p=1000HFT(180/1440)=125p = 1000\:HFT * (180 / 1440) = 125
On Day 2, the same user’s Power Level will be:
p=1000HFT(179/1440)=124.31p = 1000\:HFT * (179 / 1440) = 124.31
And on Day 3:
p=1000HFT(178/1440)=123.61p = 1000\:HFT * (178 / 1440) = 123.61
This will continue on until the Power Level reaches 0 when the lock period expires and the staked tokens become reclaimable.

Creation’s Coffer NFT Boost

Holders of the Creation’s Coffer (Enter the Hashverse NFT) will automatically receive a 10% Power Level boost when staking HFT for a minimum of 6 months.
Only one Creation’s Coffer can be used by a single wallet and multiple NFTs cannot be stacked or combined for additional Power Level boosts.

Rewards Distribution

Hashverse Early Access will distribute HFT daily to all HFT stakers with a target APR of 10% for HFT staked for a minimum of 6 months.
APRs are subject to change based on the total amount and duration of HFT staked.
HFT rewards will come from the 1% of total HFT supply allocated towards Hashverse rewards.
Once The Hashverse is live, tokens staked in Early Access will default to the prevailing Hashverse tokenomics/reward scheme.