The Hashverse is the first-ever storyverse-driven, gamified DAO and governance platform, where you can stake tokens, complete quests, and earn rewards to shape the future of the Hashflow protocol.
At the heart of the Hashverse is its storyverse, which was developed by leading Hollywood creative agency, Superconductor. The Hashverse is set in a dystopian world blending ancient culture with advanced technology amidst the backdrop of a centuries-long conflict that is primed to reach its conclusion.
Staked HFT will be used to determine users’ health metrics within the Hashverse. Users must continuously adjust the amount and duration of their staked tokens in order to maintain their health within the Hashverse, as a way to increase engagement and actual usage. The protocol will continue to reward the most active members of the community and their Hashverse presence will play a major role in redeeming these rewards.
The Hashverse represents the collective of token holders that will decide the future of the Hashflow protocol, but with a twist. The goal is to make governance inclusive across all Web3 communities and to allow anybody to participate and earn, regardless of whether they’re a DeFi degen, an NFT fan, or a GameFi junkie. By combining these elements, The Hashverse creates an immersive experience for all users to unlock and complete quests, collect and trade in-game artifacts and loot items, upgrade their characters, and earn real rewards, all while helping to forge the future of the protocol.