Prioritization Roadmap

In 2023, Hashflow will focus on expanding the Hashflow DEX product offering, introducing the Hashverse, the first gamified and story-driven DAO, and lots more.
Here is our prioritization roadmap:

H1 2023

Launch of Hashflow’s gamified, storyverse-driven DAO, the Hashverse. Stake tokens, complete quests, and earn HFT & one-of-a-kind NFTs.
Non-EVM Chain Deployment
Addition of the first non-EVM chain to the Hashflow protocol. The future is multi-chain, and so is Hashflow.
ETF Support
ETFs provide access to a multitude of assets, offering users a chance to diversify their portfolio.
Smart Order Routing (SOR)
Hashflow will support order splitting and routing across multiple market makers. This will greatly increase available trading pairs as well as maximum supported trade sizes.
Fiat On-Ramping
Seamlessly exchange fiat for crypto within the Hashflow protocol.
NFT Cross-Chain Support
Hashflow will enable cross-chain NFT trading via its APIs. NFT marketplaces can take advantage of this feature to allow their users to trade NFTs across numerous blockchains without the need for centralized exchanges or bridges.

H2 2023

Limit Orders
Limit orders will allow users to buy and sell assets at a pre-specified price and ensure that the trade will only execute at that price or better
Time-weighted average price (TWAP) trading will allow users to execute trades at an average price over a specified time period, minimizing the price impact of larger trades.
Volume-weighted average price (VWAP) trading will allow users to execute trades in line with current market-traded volumes, minimizing the price impact of larger trades.
Chain Expansion
More chains are coming to the Hashflow protocol, including expansions outside the Ethereum ecosystem.
Order Book
Build a limit order book to allow professional traders to trade seamlessly and efficiently without counterparty risk.

Ongoing Infrastructure and UX Improvements

In addition to the priorities outlined above, we will remain focused on the continuous improvement of our core swap product, liquidity, and user experience. Ongoing activities on these fronts will include:
Liquidity Optimization
Work with new and existing market makers to ensure liquidity and availability across asset pairs and price levels to support user demand.
Front-End & UX Improvements
Continue to make trading experience more intuitive and user-friendly.
ETH Smart Contract Upgrades
Optimize smart contracts to support integrations and product initiatives.
Market Maker Integrations
More market makers and liquidity for the Hashflow ecosystem.
Aggregator Integrations
More aggregators, more routes, and more quotes coming to the Hashflow ecosystem.
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