Release Schedule
Tokens issued to the core team, investors, and market makers will be subject to the following vesting schedules:
  • Core Team:
    • 25% vested after a one-year cliff
    • 25% linear vesting for each of the subsequent 3 years
  • Investors and Market Makers:
    • 1 year cliff followed by 200-day linear vesting (weekly)
  • DMMs:
    • HFT loans; no vesting or lock-up
  • Community Rewards (NFT, Trading, Market Making, LP Rewards):
    • No vesting or lock-up

Liquidity at TGE

At TGE, 12.75% of the initial token supply will be liquid and potentially available on the open market. This includes:
  • 6% lent to DMMs to provide liquidity via HFT loan agreements
  • 6.75% available to be claimed as part of early community rewards

Additional Issuance of HFT

After 4 years, HFT will have an annual issuance of 5% at steady-state. These tokens will be deposited directly to the community treasury, and then allocated towards various incentive programs.
Note that after 3 years, the core team and investors’ allocations will continue to be diluted in perpetuity. The goal is to ensure that early contributors are rewarded appropriately, and that the community collectively gets to decide how funds are allocated moving forward.
At genesis, HFT will be deployed with the above schedule but if HFT holders wish to change the issuance schedule, they may do so through governance.
The chart above shows how HFT within the Community Treasury will be disbursed over time via community incentive programs which will be covered in more detail in the next section.
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