Release Schedule
Tokens issued to the core team, investors, and market makers will be subject to the following vesting schedules:
  • Core Team:
    • 25% vested at a one-year cliff following TGE
    • 75% linear monthly vesting over the subsequent 3 years
  • Investors and Market Makers:
    • 25% vested at a one-year cliff following TGE
    • 75% linear monthly vesting over the subsequent 3 years
  • DMMs:
    • HFT loans
  • Community Rewards (NFTs, Trading, LP, and Market Making Rewards):
    • NFT holders will be able to claim up to 30,000 HFT upon TGE for each wallet holding NFTs as of their respective snapshot dates. See the breakdown here.
    • Thereafter, all wallets holding NFTs with remaining aggregate value in excess of 30,000 HFT will be able to claim the balance according to the following schedule: Linear, daily vesting with a vesting floor of 1,000 HFT per day, beginning 1 month after TGE. For example, if you held Hashflow NFTs with a total value of 200,000 HFT in one wallet, you will be able to claim 30,000 HFT at TGE. After 1 month, you will start vesting 1,000 HFT per day over the next 170 days.
    • For trading, LP, and market making rewards: HFT that were earned before July 2022 will be fully distributed and claimable by eligible wallets upon TGE. HFT that were earned on or after July 2022 will be subject to linear, daily vesting for a period of 30 days after TGE.

Liquidity at TGE

The initial token supply that will be liquid includes:
  • A portion of the 6.75% allocated to early contributor rewards (NFT Holders) will be available to be claimed at TGE (~3.5% of the total HFT supply)
  • HFTs claimed from trading, market making, and LP rewards which will be determined at the time of TGE
  • Up to 7% of the total HFT supply will loaned to DMMs

Additional Issuance of HFT

After 4 years, HFT will have an annual issuance of 5% at steady-state. These tokens will be deposited directly to the community treasury and allocated at the DAO's discretion.
Note that after 4 years, the core team and investors’ allocations will continue to be diluted in perpetuity. The goal is to ensure that early contributors are rewarded appropriately, and that the community collectively decides how funds are allocated moving forward.
At genesis, HFT will be deployed with the above schedule.
The chart above shows how HFT within the Community Treasury will be disbursed over time via community incentive programs which will be covered in more detail in the next section.
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Liquidity at TGE
Additional Issuance of HFT