Community Incentives

The initial community incentives will be distributed as follows:
  • Retroactive NFT Rewards:
    • 6.75% of the HFT supply will be distributed to early users that received Hashflow NFTs
    • These NFTs were distributed as rewards for early adoption, frequent usage, and exceptional contributions to the ecosystem
    • Each NFT will have an HFT value based on its relative scarcity, and each NFT holder will be eligible to receive HFT commensurate to the specific NFT(s) that they hold
    • NFT holders will be able to claim up to 30,000 HFT upon TGE for each wallet holding NFTs as of the snapshot taken on 2022-05-10
    • Thereafter, all wallets holding NFTs with remaining aggregate value in excess of 30,000 HFT will be able to claim the balance according to the following schedule:
      • Linear monthly vesting for a period of 12 months beginning 1 month after TGE
  • On-going Community Incentive Programs:
    • The remaining 9.546% of HFT allocated for the community treasury will be distributed via the following incentive programs:
Note that while the core team has initially seeded the mechanics to distribute HFT to traders, LPs, and market makers, these programs will ultimately be subject to DAO approval once in place.