Community Incentives
The initial community incentives will be distributed as follows:
  • Retroactive NFT Rewards:
    • 6.75% of the HFT supply will be distributed to early users that received Hashflow NFTs.
    • These NFTs were distributed as rewards for early adoption, frequent usage, and exceptional contributions to the ecosystem.
    • Each NFT will have an HFT value based on its relative scarcity, and each NFT holder will be eligible to receive HFT commensurate to the specific NFT(s) that they hold.
    • The total HFT value of all NFTs will amount to 5.75% of the total HFT supply.
  • On-going Community Incentive Programs:
Note that while the core team has initially seeded the mechanics to distribute HFT to traders, LPs and market makers, the Hashflow community can submit a governance proposal at any point to change the amounts distributed towards community incentive programs.
Last modified 1mo ago
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